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We will show you the incredible selection we have of shirt and suit fabrics. You will be able to feel the textures and see all of the colors in person. We can help you to select the fabrics based on how they feel against your skin as well as what season you will be wearing them in.

SILVANO Tailoring chooses and works with fabrics manufactured by the world's most prestigious brands for your satisfaction.  Offering only the most luxurious fabrics for our customers, we look forward to finding the perfect fabric for your needs.
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IMG_9454 2.HEIC
IMG_9455 2.HEIC
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Dormeuil is a world-renowned luxury manufacturer of suiting and coating fabrics made of merino wool, silk, cashmere and vicuna, based in France.

Loro Piana is an Italian fabrics and clothing company specializing in
high-end, luxury cashmere and wool products.
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