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Bespoke Tailoring

A Truly Personal Experience



A customized experience, tailored to perfection with expert attention.


The SILVANO bespoke process begins with a personal consultation. The purpose of the consultation is to determine the desire of the individual’s imagined ensemble and have an expert walk you through how you can achieve what you are looking for. Cultural references, proportions, textures, and finishings are what makes the suit perfect for you and what we love to discover through this process. This first meeting will refine your fabricated fantasy into an imminent reality.


To bring this imagined form to life, we take up to 30 initial measurements to make sure we are meticulous and thorough. From head-to-toe, corner to corner, your sizing will be recorded in fitting steps. These measurements will allow SILVANO to proceed with your personally created pattern and baste of your bespoke request.  We take into account posture, shoulder slope, style preference, button placement, lapel width, and several other factors that ensure your pattern is cut to precise and personal standards.

Basted Fitting

The basted fitting with your SILVANO suit is when the desired fit and style starts to take shape.  At this stage, your garment is fitted onto the body to asses the status of creation and note further refinements.  This ensures everything is just right for you before it is sent back to the factory to completed.  Custom suiting skips this important stage which can lead to flaws in the final fit of the garment.  All SILVANO jackets have a full-canvas chest piece hand stitched into the front of the suit jacket to ensure a luxurious drape for as long as you own your garment. 
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Final Fitting

The final fitting of the bespoke process is arranged to ensure the final amendments of a your pattern.  The suit is completed and ready for a final try-on to ensure the perfect fit for your new SILVANO suit.  If any minor adjustments are needed, they are personally taken care of with a very short turn-around time at our New York City location and noted on your file so your pattern can be updated for your next garment.
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