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About Silvano

I have over 40 years worth of experience in the tailoring business. I started my love of sewing at the age of seven in the city of Silvano as an apprentice to a tailor. Upon moving to New York I found that my passion earned me positions in some of the most esteemed retailers.
I've always loved the way clothing can communicate a person's sense of style and, for me, the perfect fit is half the message. I look forward to putting my expertise to work for you. Whether it's creating a piece that is exactly how you dreamed or taking something you love and customizing it for your figure, together your clothes will never look better.
I personally do not believe in temporary fashion trends and the illusion it creates. What is important to me is to create a suit that is timeless and long lived. I know it well that men fashion is a form of art and art is a high valued craftsmanship. One of the most important things for me is to create enduring and undying clothes.
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